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Sustainable Agriculture

“We treat our farm as a living member of our family.”
Floyd Griffin, Founder

Healthy living, safety and accountability

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These values are paramount at Misionero Vegetables and Seminis Vegetable Seeds, the growers and creators of Lettuce Jammers™. So of course, all Lettuce Jammers™ are grown, packed and shipped in accordance those standards. The goal at Misionero Vegetables is to meet consumer needs without compromising the ability of future generations to also obtain those same priorities. It is Misionero’s personal pledge to minimize impact on the land through: organic farming, careful stewardship of our ground, protecting and respecting our water supply, while also creating as safe work place for our employees.

Together, Misionero and Seminis, have turned to nature itself to provide positive solutions for disease control and increased food production. This is done through natural breeding and plant selection, careful crop rotation, using integrated pest management and extensive use of soil building over crops. Misionero’s conventionally grown crops are produced using many of the organic farming techniques learned over the years with the goal of minimizing the use of man made pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers.

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At Misionero, food safety and proper handling is key. We have our own state-of-the-art testing facility and dutifully exercise pre-harvest testing and good agricultural practices. All organic and conventionally grown Misionero products are grown under a strict Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) program ensuring that the bounty meets all state, federal and international regulations. You can also be confident that all Misionero products are grown, harvested, processed and cooled under Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) Guidelines. Misionero’s salad processing plants are operated under guidelines and are inspected by various governmental and third party inspection teams and audit programs. All of Misionero’s products are exclusively grown in the United States in Salinas, California and Yuma, Arizona.

Oh, and by the way, here at Misionero our responsibility to the environment does not end at the grocery store shelf; we use only fully recyclable lettuce cartons to prevent landfill solid waste. Have confidence in the fact that sustainable agriculture is full circle at Misionero.

We care about your health, and the health and safety your loved ones.

Eat healthy, have fun, live well.

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